Complete Demo Kit:            

  • LiDAR  
  • Controller
  • Android Tablet & RAM Mount
  • Smart-Apply App
  • Spray Booms with Stream Nozzles
  • Portable Field Spray Targets
  • GPS Antenna
  • Spray Tank with Electric Pump


Target Spray

  • Demo System Accuracy


Collect Customer Data

  • Count Number of Trees
  • Categorize Trees by Size
  • Canopy Volume per Tree
  • Total Acres Inside Boundary


Analyze & Report Customer Data

  • Current Spray Volume vs. Spray Volume if Using Smart-Apply
  • Estimated Annual Chemical Savings
  • Smart-Apply System ROI
  • Identify Problem Areas
  • Relate Density to Annual Yield
  • Generate As-Applied Density Heat Map
    • Simulated Spraying

Dealer Gator Demo Kit

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$13,500.00Sale Price