For Technical Support Call:


Boundary Questions:


General Configuration Questions:

  • What’s my sprayer configuration?

  • How do I know TerraStar is Converged?

  • What is Offset X?

  • What is Offset Y?

  • Offset booms settings

  • Select a different sprayer configuration

  • Create a new sprayer configuration


GPS Questions:


Installation Questions:


Plumbing Questions:

  • Pressure Regulator Questions:

    • What does the pressure regulator do?

    • How do to install?

    • How to tune the pressure regulator

Variable Rate By-pass Questions:

  • How to install?

  • How to enable this on the tablet?


Solenoid Issues:

  • Solenoid is not working

  • Where do I get spare solenoids?


Spraying Questions:

  • It’s spraying outside the boundary

  • A solenoid is not working

  • Only sprays in reverse

  • Set forward direction

  • Set "Look Ahead"

  • What is “Look Ahead”


Tablet Questions:

  • How do I know if there is an App update?

  • How do I update my App to the latest?

  • How do I reset my password?

  • How do I create a new user?

  • How do I connect the tablet to the spray controller?

  • How do I make my phone a Wifi Hot Spot?

    • Android

    • Apple

  • How do I connect my tablet to Wifi?


Technical Support:


Web Portal Questions:


Work Order Questions:

  • Work orders remain on tablet

  • Cannot complete work orders on shop Wifi


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